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The front men 1 and 3, position in front of the near foul line, with their feet straddling the lane, to influence the ball coming in to the sides and prevent the initial pass from going down the middle of the court. The left front 1, is usually a small, quick guard, with good speed and hands. He must get back extremely fast if the ball goes over the front line on the opposite side. 2 and 4 position themselves just over half court in the backcourt, just to the outside of 1 and 3. 2 the left trapper, is a fairly agile forward. 4, the right trapper, is generally the second guard. As he has a lot of moving to do, he should be the quickest player, with good anticipation and speed and good stamina and range. 5, the back man (positioned in the top half of the far free throw circle), is the center. His primary responsibility is protecting the basket, for he is the last line of defense.

If the area guarded by 1 and 3 is secure, 3 may adjust position near an opponent on his side to direct the pass-in to the defensive left. If the initial pass-in comes into the defensive left, 2 cheats up and moves to the ball. 2 and 4 may adjust their initial position, depending on the situation. They must never allow a pass up the middle. They must adjust slightly to prevent a long pass to either side that 5 cannot prevent, since he must be back protecting against a baseline opponent. Either 2 or 4 may adjust to prevent a pass over 3, as long as the adjustment doesn't permit a down the middle pass.


Traingle 1, out-of-bounds, has passed in to Triangle 2. Triangle 2 has started to dribble up the sideline. 1 moves up to cover Triangle 2 and make sure he can not stand and look over the defense and forces him up the sideline. 3 has taken an initial step toward the out-of-bounds area to prevent a quick return pass to Triangle 1. When Triangle 2 starts his dribble, he moves up-court to become a floater. 2 moves from his initial position to set the trap, stopping the dribble by Triangle 2. 1 closes the trap from the side, 4 has adjusted across court, taking an intercepting angle on Triangle 3 to prevent a pass. 5 has adjusted to overplay Triangle 5.


Triangle 2 has passed the ball to Triangle 3, near the mid-court. 4 becomes the high trap and 2 continues along the sideline, trapping from the side. 1 moves into the middle to become a floater between the ball position and Triangle 1. 5 has moved to overplay Triangle 5 in the deep corner. 3 maintains an intercepting angle on Triangle 4 all the way to the basket, if necessary. As the trap is set on Triangle 3, Triangle 4 moves deep into the corner position or deep into front court opposite Triangle 5. 3 must adjust back to the outer free throw circle to cut off a possible pass to Traingle 4. On this movement, 1 must adjust towards mid-court and be in position to overplay anyone that the ball is passed to in this area.

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