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The Cooper Fast Break is shown here on a made shot but can be executed the same from a defensive rebound.

3 sprints the right lane and spots up behind the three point line.

2 sprints the left lane and spots up behind the three point line.

4 inbounds the ball to 1.

5 sprints hard down the center of the court.


1 pushes the ball down the court. 5 sprints down the court and goes to the ballside low post. 4 (the inbounder) trails. 1 could pass ahead if 2, 3 or 5 are open.


1 passes to 4 on top and 5 flashes into the lane looking for a pass from 4.


4 continues the reversal of the ball by passing to 2. 5 continues across the lane posting up in the ballside low post.

After 4 passes to 2 he cuts to the ballside elbow (and perhaps a step below the free throw line) looking for a return pass from 2. If 2 doesn't pass to 4 then 4 cuts to the offside low post.


2 and 5 look to play a two man game. Then 1 moves across to receive a pass from 2.

3 cuts down behind 4.

1 dribbles across and 3 pops back out to the wing position looking for a pass from 1.

From here you can go into your half court offense.

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