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The initial set is a 1-4 high with a point guard 1 at the top, shooting guard 2 and forward 3 at the intersection of the three point arc and the free throw line extended, and wing 4 and high post 5 at the elbow (junction of the foul line and parallel line of the lane.)

The continuity is launched with 1 dribbling toward 2, who immediately moves to the low post.


As 2 starts to move (first diagram), 5 moves over to the three point arc to set up a pick and roll situation with 1. 3 and 4 immdeiately go low to set up a double screen on the lane for 2.

2 will then cut over the double screen, which will clear the area for 5 (who has executed the pick and roll with 1). If 1 can pass to 5, he will do so. Otherwise, he will dribble toward the middle. If he can find a lane, he will go all the way to the basket.

If the lane isn't open, 1 will pass to 2 for who is looking for the shot.


3 comes up to the top off the staggered screens of 5 and 1, clearing the area for a two on two situation between 2 and 4.


If 2 is not open for a good shot, he can either pass to 4 in the low post or reverse pass to 3 on the perimeter to his right.


3 now has two options. He can pass to 2 on his left or pass to 1 on his right and then cut over the screen set by 5 at the elbow, looking for a return pass from 1.


If the pass to 3 is not there, 1 and 5 create a pick and roll action, while 4 and 2 set a double screen for 3.


4 initiates the play by moving up to the elbow to screen for 3, who will pass to 2 at the wing and then cut off 4's screen to the basket.


While 2 and 4 pick and roll, 5 and 1 set a double screen for 3, who drives up to the top of the arc, the same as the previous action.


The offense can also be started by the 1 passing to 2 and then cutting over the screen by 5. The offense continues now as before.

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