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Any 6 videos for $85 / Any 3 videos for $42.50 / Any single video for $15 (Kevin Mackey 3 Tape Series counts as 2 videos)

Larry Dean Jackson

P.O. Box 246

Deweyville, TX 77614

1. Swish (Tom Nordland)

2. How To Keep Your Team Fresh & Sharp During The Regular Season & Tournament Play (Dick Baumgartner)

3. SOLDThe Complete Post Player (Ben Braun)SOLD

4. Dominating Low Post Play (Jim Todd)

5. SOLD1 on 1 Basketball (Al Sokaitis)SOLD

6. SOLD Temple of Zones II (Don Casey)SOLD

7. SOLDInner City Moves (Bernie Holowicki)SOLD

8. SOLDTake It To The Rim (Forrest Larson)SOLD

9. SOLD Simplified Youth Offenses (Jerry Petitgoue)SOLD

10. SOLD The Pack: UW-Green Bay Defense (Mike Heideman) SOLD

11. SOLD Eliminating Turnovers (Mike Heideman)SOLD

12. SOLDDynamic Ballhandling & Workout (Ed Schillings)SOLD

13. Winning Basketball: The Kevin Mackey Way! - 3 Tape Series

14. Steve Alford's 50-Minute All-American Workout

15. 3 Point Shooting (Tom Cooper)

16. SOLDDefense (Marv Harshman)SOLD

17. SOLD Offensive Improvement Tape (Rick Pitino)SOLD

18. SOLDPost Play (Tom Asbury)SOLD

19. 3 Point Play (Mike Fratello)

20. Sam Alford - Clinic Talk

21. Hubie Brown - Clinic Talk

22. Coach to Coach - Various NBA & Former NBA Coaches

23. Converse Basketball Tips (Julius Erving, Kevin McHale, Dale Brown)

24. Make Every Free Throw (Dr. Tom Amberry)

25. SOLDLooking Good: Basketball with Hubie (Hubie Brown)SOLD

26. SOLD 20 Quick Hitting Plays (Fran Fraschilla)SOLD

27. SOLD Press Offense (Marsha Sharp)SOLD

28. The Squat and Squat Variations (Bigger Faster Stronger)

29. The Bench and Bench Variations (Bigger Faster Stronger)

30. Plyometrics and Box Jumping (Bigger Faster Stronger)

31. The Dead Lift, Trap Bar and Variations (Bigger Faster Stronger)

32. The Power Clean and Variations (Bigger Faster Stronger)

33. SOLDThe Combined 4-Out/1-In and 3-Out/2-In Motion Attack (Paul Brazeau)SOLD

34. SOLDCreating Turnovers by Pressing with Selective Traps (Don Meyer)SOLD

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