The starting positions of the Iowa Shuffle are the same as the Deweyville Shuffle. This is the first of three Shuffles that were originally designed to by used against zone defenses but with the correct personnel are very effective versus a man-to-man defense. The major difference between the Iowa Shuffle and the Deweyville Shuffle is that the positions are not interchangable, each player will fill the same role on each reversal in the offense.

Diagram 117: The first cutter passes to the point. The feeder pops out as in the Deweyville Shuffle. The second cutter runs the baseline to the opposite corner. The point swings the ball to the feeder.

NOTE: There is no action when the ball is passed from the first cutter to the second cutter.

Diagram 118: The feeder passes to the second cutter and cuts toward the basket looking for a pass and then through the lane to the feeder position. On the pass to the second cutter the post moves across the lane to the ballside post position and the guard moves across court to the ballside first cutter position.

Diagram 119: With the pass from the second cutter to the first cutter we are now ready to run the shuffle back to the other side of the court.

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