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2 runs the right lane and spots up behind the three point line.

3 runs the left lane and spots up behind the three point line.

4 sprints the middle lane and posts up on ballside.

5 inbounds the ball to 1.


1 pushes the ball down the court until he has the opposrtunity to pass the ball ahead. The sooner the pass ahead the better.


2 looks for the pass into 4 posting up on the ballside.

If 2 cannot pass into 4, then 2 passes to 5 who has moved to the top of the key.

4 seals and flashes into the lane looking for a pass from 5.


If 4 is not open 5 passes to 3. 4 continues across the lane and posts up in the ballside low post.

2 moves down toward the baseline.


On the 5 to 3 pass, 2 moves up and sets a backscreen for 5 who cuts to the basket for an over-the-top pass, and 2 steps out behind the three point line.

3 looks for 4 posting up low, 5 on the back cut to the basket. Then to 2 stepping out behind the three point line.


5 contues off his cut and sets a back pick for 4 who cuts across the lane.

3 passes to 2. 2 looks for the shot. A pass inside to either 4 or 5 and then to 1. 1 immediately looks inside for 4 posting up.


If the pass from 2 to 5 is being denied. Only 3's defender is available to help on the lob pass. If he is playing 3 tightly 2 can make the lob pass into 4.

If 3's defender is sagging into the lane. 2 makes a skip pass to 3.


After 2's skip pass to 3.

4 seals his man and then flashes to the ball.

2 moves down to improve his angle and then sets the same back screen for 5.

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