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As soon as we get the rebound or there is a score, 2 sprints the right lane and spots up behind the three point line. He never stops and looks back until he is at his spot ready to shoot.

3 sprints the left lane and goes all the way to the block.

5 inbounds the ball to 1 "between the top of the key and the half court line on the right sideline."

4 spaces up in case 5 has trouble passing to 1.


1's first look when he gets the ball is to 3 sprinting the left lane. He passes 3 the ball if 3 is open for a lay up.

1's rules are: (a) push the ball down the court as fast as humanly possible and (b) pass "FOR A SCORE!"


1 may pass to 2 at anytime that 2 is open for a shot. Not just to advance the ball. ONLY IF 2 IS OPEN FOR A SHOT!

If 2 and 3 are not open 1 will push the ball down the court as fast as humanly possible.

4 will stay about 12-15 feet to the left of 1 and about a step and a half behind him.

5 trails down the middle.


As 1 reaches the scoring area he can look to penetrate - draw the defense and dish to the open player for a shot or go all the way to the basket if possible. 1 is also free to pull up to shoot the three point shot.


When 1 passes to 2, 2's rule is to "SHOOT". If he had not been open for a shot then 1 would not have passed him the ball. So if he shoots immediately and it is a contested shot, it is 1's fault not 2's. 3, 4 and 5 crash the boards.


1's next option is to pass to 4 on top for the three point shot.


4 hesitates at the top of the key. If he does not receive the pass from 1 he cuts to the right block looking for a pass from 1.


The other time 4 would cut to the right block is after 1 has passed to 2. 2 could choose if he wishes to pass inside to 4.


As 4 makes his cut to the right block, 5 steps in the high spot he vacated looking for a pass and a shot.


If 5 chooses not to shoot, he looks inside to 4 flashing into the lane. 3 pops out to the wing.


If 2 has the ball and chooses not to shoot and 4 is being fronted 2 looks to pass to 5. 5 is free to shoot or pass inside to 4 flashing into the lane. 3 pops out to the wing on the pass to 5.


If 5 chooses not to shoot and 4 is not open inside, then 5 passes to 3.

4 continues across the lane and posts up on the left block.

1 and 5 set a staggered screen for 2 who cuts off the screens to the top of the key looking for the pass.


If 5 cannot pass directly into 1, 5 then looks to pass to 4.

1 cuts to the jump circle and receives a pass from 4 and the break continues.

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