The Overload Shuffle starting positions are the same as the Deweyville Shuffle with the exception of the feeder. The feeder will start in the ballside low post. In this variation of the Overload Shuffle we use the movement of the Deweyville Shuffle for the second cutter, you could use the movement of the Drake Shuffle for the second cutter as well.

Diagram 112: Shows the initial alignment of the Overload Shuffle. On the pass to the point by the first cutter, the feeder moves from block to block and then pops out as he does in the Deweyville Shuffle. The point will swing the ball to the feeder.

Diagram 113: The first cutter cuts off the screen set by the post, through the lane and to the second cutter position. The second cutter moves up to his position beside the post.

Diagram 114: After the first cutter clears the post screen the second cutter uses the post screen and cuts to the post position on ballside.

Diagram 115: After the second cutter clears the post's screen the point moves down to screen for the post. The post will cut off the point's screen and move to the point position. After the post clears the point's screen the point rolls to the ballside low post position/

Diagram 116: We are now set to run the shuffle back to the other side of the court.

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