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Match Up Defense: Vol. 1 (Bill Green)
Point & Talk Match Up Defense (Don Meyer)

Match Up Defense: Vol. 2 (Bill Green)
Three Point Play (Mike Fratello)

Running to Extremes (Dave Arsenault)
Pressure Defense VS Modersn Offense (Bob Kloppenburg)

Competitive Drills for Winning Basketball (Jan Lahodney)
The Ultimate Shooting Method (Stan Kellner)

Ron Shumate One Man Clinic
100 Trips (Forrest Larson)

Controlled Break (Jim Mastin)
Press Breaker (Jim Mastin)
Offensive Rebounding (Jim Mastin)

Defensive Rebounding (Jim Mastin)
Creating Turnovers by Pressing with Selective Trapping (Don Meyer)

2-2-1 Full Court Press (Homer Drew)
2-2-1 Press (John Kresse)
Centennary Offense
Make Every Free Throw (Dr. Tom Amberry)

Pressure Defense (Dick Bennett)
Basics of Basketball

Shooting (Pete Maravich)
Dribbling (Pete Maravich)

Ballhandling (Pete Maravich)
Passing (Pete Maravich)

Winning Basketball the Kevin Mackey Way!: Fundamentals

Winning Basketball the Kevin Mackey Way!: Advanced Techniques #1

Winning Basketball the Kevin Mackey Way!: Advanced Techniques #2

Clinic One: Motion Offense (Bob Knight)

Basketball in the Fast Lane (Paul Westhead)
Fast Break Offense (Paul Westhead)

High Scoring Fast Break: Vols. 1 & 2 (Paul Westhead)

Building Your Perimeter Play (Don Meyer)
Power Basics of Basketball (Bill Walton)

Revised Competitive Motivation System (Tom Cooper)
Three Point Shooting (Tom Cooper)

Winning Special Situations (Don Meyer)

Principles of Effective Post Play (Dave Paulson)
Utilizing & Defending the Three Point Shot (Don Meyer)

The Scramble Defense (Jim Laranaga)
Full Court Scramble (Jim Laranaga)

Big Man Moves (Pete Newell)

Drills & Concepts for Inside Play (Seth Greensburg)
Post Play (Al Sokiatis)

Defensive Basketball the Henry Iba Way (Charlie Spoonhour)

Shooting (Don Eddy)
One on One Play (Don Eddy)
Pyramind of Success (John Wooden)

Team Attitude (Don Meyer)
Pressure Man to Man Defense (Don Meyer)

Match Up Zone (Tom Cooper)
Match Up Zone (Marsha Sharp)

Teaching Zone Defense (Jim Boeheim)
Temple of Zones (Don Casey)

The Art of Offensive Low Post Play (Anthony Pappas)
Match Up Defense (Joe Ciampi)

Unstoppable: Offensive Low Post Play (Swen Nater)
The Match Up Zone (Don Meyer)

Defensive Tape #4 (Rick Pitino)
Double Zone Defenses (John Scott)

Motion Offense: Simplified Principles (Don Meyer)
Zone Attack (Don Meyer)

Practice Planning (Don Meyer)
Shooting to Win (Steve Alford)
Point Zone (Dean Smith)

Deceptive Full Court Pressure (Gary Williams)
Zone Offense (Tom Davis)

SOS Pressure Defense: Fundamentals (Bob Kloppenburg)
SOS Pressure Defense: Application of Fundamentals (Bob Kloppenburg)

SOS Disruptive Pressure: Parts 1 & 2 (Bob Kloppenburg)

Daily Dozen (The Shot Doctor)
Successful Six (The Shot Doctor)
Offensive Basketball (Rick Pitino)

Duke's Motion Offense (Coach K)
Plyometrics and Box Jumping (Bigger Faster Stronger- BFS)

Duke's Offensive Strategy (Mike Brey)

Winning with the Scramble Defense (Cheryl Burnett)
Becoming a Great Shooter (Don Meyer)

Bob Knight Philosophy: Vol. 2: Offense VS Specific Defenses

The Complete Post Player (Ben Braun)
1 on 1 Basketball (Al Sokaitis)

Championship Preparation for Games (Don Meyer)
Dominating Low Post Play (Jim Todd)

Leader Shuffle Offense

Man to Man Defense

Deweyville Diagonal Double Post Offense

Snooker Offense

Competitive Motivation System (Tom Cooper)

1954 Indiana H.S. Final: (game movie Hoosiers made from)

Iba/Durham (clinic talks)

Offensive Improvement Tape (Rick Pitino)


50-Minute All-American Workout (Steve Alford)

Dead Lift, Trap Bar & Variations (BFS)

Bench & Variations (BFS)

Squat & Variations (BFS)

Power Clean & Variations (BFS)

Sam Alford Clinic Talk

Hubie Brown Clinic Talk

Defense (Marv Harshman)

Toss Back Tapes #1 & 2 Winning Basketball (Bird) Pete Newell

DeWeese/Barborak (clinic talks)

Man to Man Defense (Lute Olson)

Basketball with Hubie: Looking Good (Hubie Brown)