(1) Avoid the rigid patter by teaching and encouraging free-lance play.

(2) Don't neglect the fast break. The Shuffle fits superbly with the running game.

(3) Sell your players on team basketball and the Shuffle as your idea of playing as a unit with a single purpose - win the ball game!

(4) Movement is the basic factor in offensive basketball. It is therefore logical to move as many players as possible.

(5) The movement of each player must have a purpose and be a threat and a problem to the defense. To accomplish this, each movement should result in a screen, good rebounding position or a chance to score.

(6) Follow the layup threat with the outside shot.

(7) Realize that when you have the ball you are in good shape unless you do something foolish.

(8) Timing is important in the Shuffle Offense.

(9) The Shuffle Offense is designed to score! In fact every position in the Shuffle should be a threat to score.

(10) Practice the Shuffle against all types of defense.

(11) Be sure your offensive rebounding and defensive balance responsibilities are well defined.

(12) We will begin teaching the Shuffle 5-0 then progress to 5-5 before we put in any of the Shuffle Drills.

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