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In the first phase of the fast break, 1 will bring the ball down one side. The right side in the diagram. The wing on that side (2) runs to the block. (If he is open 1 will pass him the ball for a layup.) The player running the opposite lane (3) cuts to the basket (If he is open 1 would pass him the ball for a layup) and continues around the screen set by 2 at the block.

1 passes to 3 for the jump shot.


After 3 moves around 2's screen 2 opens to the ball looking for a pass from 1.


As 3 cuts through the lane 4 trails on the left side looking for a pass from 1 - usually for the short jump shot.


If 4 does not receive the pass he continues to the block and 5 moves in at the top left side of the key.


5 continues and sets a down screen for 4 who pops to the wing. 1 passes to 4 for the three point shot. 1 could pass into 5 who opens to the ball after 4 cuts off his screen.


If 4 does not have the jump shot, 5 has posted up strong and 4 passes into 5 in the low post.


If 5 is being fronted, 1 moves over, receives a pass from 4. 1 looks inside to 5 sealing his fronting defender and flashing to the lane.


If 5 is not open inside, 1 dribbles across and 5 continues to the top position to receive a pass from 1. 2 sets a back screen on 3 who makes a flex cut into the lane looking for a pass from 5.

From here you go into your half court offense.

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