The starting positions of each player in the Wheel Shuffle are the same as in the Deweyville Shuffle with the exception of the second cutter. The second Cutter will line up in the ballside low post.

Diagram 99: The first cutter passes to the point and takes a step toward the baseline. On the pass to the point the feeder pops out as in the Deweyville Shuffle. The post and second cutter move together and take one small step out toward the first cutter.

Diagram 100: The point swings the ball to the feeder. The first cutter cuts off the double screen set by the second cutter and the post. As in the Deweyville Shuffle he can go around the screen in either direction depending upon how the defense is guarding him. The first cutter cuts across the lane to the second cutter position.

Diagram 101: After the first cutter has cleared the double screen the second cutter cuts over the top of the post (using him as a screen) and flashes across the lane to the post position.

Diagram 102: After the first cutter clears the double screen the point will move down and set a screen on the post's defender. The post cuts off the point's screen to the point position and the point becomes the feeder.

Diagram 103: We are now set to run the Shuffle back to the other side of the court.

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