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1. Why are they zoning? - Out of strength or Out of weakness?

2. You determine your zone offense by:
(A) Your philosophy
(B) Opponent's philosophy
(C) Your personnel
(D) Opponent's personnel

3. Your mental preparation is key:
(A) Believe in the "system"
(B) Basic fundamental basketball beats a zone
(C) Fear factor...over emphasize in one practice before playing a zone opponent

4. What do they want you to get? - Quick outside shot attempt.

5. What do you want to get?
(A) Inside emphasis
(B) No outside shots early in pre-season
(C) Ball must go inside before you shoot it
(D) Read the zone

6. Emphasis of zone offense.
(A) Fast Break - primary and especially secondary
(B) Handle the ball with patience - "easy pass" versus "assist" pass metality
(C) Penetration inside
(D) Shot discipline - what, who, where, when
(E) Board coverage - 2 on 1 on weakside

7. Perimeter movement principles (Passing, Cutting, Screening).
(A) Stretch out zone - perimeter starts high - posts low on baseline
(B) Gap the zone
(C) Hand targets, knees bent
(D) Face, triple threat position - catch with the feet in the air
(E) Who is guarding you and where di he come from? Take him away from that area
(F) Swing the ball - make the defense move and distort it
(G) Dribble off the top of the circle - puts pressure on the back line
(H) Dribble off the baseline
(I) Dribble follow
(J) Dribble at defender - freeze defender
(K) Perimeter can fill the high post
(L) Weakside wing rebounds offensively

8. Inside movement principles.
(A) Sprint to posting area
(B) Work behind the defense andstretch it out
(C) Post strong
(D) Seal out
(E) Step out on baseline
(F) Flash from behind the defense
(G) Consecutive cuts to the ball by the posts
(H) When one post receives the ball he looks for the other post
(I) Center screen - post to post screen away screening the middle man in the zone
(J) Screen in for perimeter players

9. Combining perimeter and inside play.
(A) Improve 50% with the use of PASS FAKES and SHOT FAKES!
(B) Take the ball away and then bring it back to the scorer
(C) Go away from a poor defender and then bring it back to him
(D) Fill the high post
(E) Use stacks against the zone

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